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We respect and protect your privacy. Therefore, we have developed a document that clarifies issues related to the collection and use of information about users and customers of the website VIGO Kombucha ( and YOKO (, which is owned by Cruz Group sp.z.o.o..

Information contained in access logs
We collect information on the use of our services by users and their IP addresses based on analysis of access logs. This information is used for technical, server administration and statistical purposes.

Ordering data
In order to complete an order for goods or services available in our offer (Buy products), you need to fill in a form containing basic data about you (name, surname, company name, contact, address), this data is necessary to complete the order and send the parcel. This information is not made available to third parties.

Newsletter subscription
Subscribing to the Newsletter requires a contact e-mail address. In each newsletter e-mail sent out to customers, you can remove your details from the newsletter subscriber database by clicking on the appropriate link, or you can make such a request by completing the form in the “Contact” section.

Customers who make a purchase are automatically entered into the newsletter database. Cruz Group sp. o.o. informs the users of our programme about available promotions and news in this way. We do not use this data to send spam and advertising articles.

Storage of data on the servers of Cruz Group sp. z o.o.
The method of storing the data entrusted to us on our servers: e-mail accounts is in accordance with the Data Protection Act. This data is protected by various security measures.

Your internet browser stores text files (“cookies”) on your computer. These files contain information necessary for the proper functioning of websites, in particular those requiring authorisation. The content of the cookies does not allow for the identification of the user; no personal data is stored or processed on their basis. Cruz Group sp. z o.o. stores cookies on users’ computers in order to maintain the user’s session after entering the website, e.g. to preserve the contents of the shopping cart.

When placing an order for any of the products offered by us and selecting the payment method by credit card, the customer goes through an encrypted connection to the website of the authorising company with which we have an appropriate agreement and makes a financial transaction there. The whole financial operation is the responsibility of the company authorising the transaction. Cruz Group sp. z o.o. does not have access to data such as card number, account access, etc.

External links
On our website you can find external links to the websites of our partners and the shop pages of our customers. We are not responsible for the content of these sites and are not responsible for the privacy policies of the owners of these sites.

Changes to the Vigo Kombucha privacy policy
Developments in internet technology, legislative changes in the area of data protection, and the development of our website may affect the privacy policy of and We will inform users of our website of any changes without delay.

By accepting the privacy policy, you consent to the sending of invoices electronically. You will receive an invoice for the product/service you have purchased by email.

If you have any questions about the above privacy statement, the terms of use of and or how to contact us, please send us your comments via the “Contact Us” tab on each of these pages.

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